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Post Cosmetic surgery supplier Compression garments Accessories



Cover, Shape and Mould Your Figure
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High Quality Compression Garments from BodylineUK

We work with leading brands to provide high quality, hypoallergenic, comfortable BodylineUK compression garments to customers across the UK. BodylineUK INVIMA certified, surgeon-recommended compression garments play an essential role in aiding recovery from cosmetic surgery by reducing swelling, providing comfort and helping your body adapt to its new figure. So, to ensure you achieve the figure you are dreaming of after surgery, with as little discomfort as possible, be sure to have our lipo foam, ab boards, fajas and other compression garments at the ready!

We also sell post-partum compression garments, as well as everyday garments for men and women, to leave your figure looking shaped and defined, all the time.



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BodylineUK Manufactured in Columbia

All of our products are from Colombian manufacturers and endorsed by world renowned Colombian surgeons. BodylineUK are the only UK suppliers of Columbian manufactured compression garments, so you won’t find higher quality garments anywhere else in the UK!

High Quality Materials

BodylineUK garments contain advanced fabrics such as Powernet, cotton Lycra, nylon Lycra, silicone, lace and polyurethane, alongside vitamin E microcapsules and fibres that adapt to the body. 


INVIMA Certified

BodylineUK post-surgical products are certified by the INVIMA sanitary registry, which guarantees the sanitary conditions of manufacture and storage, so you can be confident in the quality of the garments you receive from us.




Types of BodylineUK Compression Garments

Post-Surgical Garments: What Do They Do?

After having cosmetic surgery like Liposuction or BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), it is essential that you wear compression garments, to reduce swelling, reduce risks of complications and to aid recovery. Usually, the post-operative garments provided by surgeons are only designed to be worn for the first few days. However, our post-surgical compression garments are recommended by surgeons to be worn for up to 90 days. They are made with hypoallergenic, high compression fabrics designed to accelerate the recovery process from cosmetic surgery.

Our post-surgical compression garments are designed to:

  • promote the rapid healing of underlying tissues,
  • reduce swelling,
  • provide targeted support to relieve discomfort,
  • alleviate serious complications like haematomas, seromas and fibrosis.

So, to give your body the support it needs to make a smooth, pain-free and speedy recovery, be certain to check out our lipo foam, ab boards, fajas and the other post-surgical compression garments and accessories that we have on offer. Our post-surgical girdles play a fundamental role when it comes to shaping and defining the figure, they are the ideal accomplice to your wellbeing and a fast recovery.

Post-Partum Garments

Our post-partum garments are designed to help you recover the body shape you had before giving birth, whilst providing as much comfortable as possible. The fabrics we use for our post-partum garments are highly adaptable, with special moisturising properties; they are anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic and contain antioxidants. These garments shape the body at the waist, legs and hips and with continuous use, they help to raise the buttocks, correct posture, and recover your body shape.

So, to get your body looking and feeling great after you’ve given birth, be sure to have our post-partum compression garments at the ready!

Everyday Garments

Everyday compression garments are perfect for both men and women interested in taking care of their appearance and physical health.  Whether you would like to improve your posture or mould your figure, our everyday compression garments allow you to do this whilst being able to perform all of your daily activities with ease. Due to the combination of Powernet, Triconet and latex, these garments provide unparalleled comfort whilst also shaping your body.

Exercise Garments

To burn extra fat and leave your curves looking defined, we recommend wearing latex waistbands in the gym.



 Lycra Compression garments

Lycra Elastic Fibre

This component is incorporated into the fabrics of our products. It is a stretchy, strong material which provides quality, comfort, fitness and freedom in all of our garments.

 Vitiman E infused Compression garments

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is embedded in some of our garments, as it helps recover skin elasticity and promotes a rapid healing process. So, if you want to ensure a speedy and smooth recovery, be sure to check out our compression garments with Vitamin E.


Choose Your Right Compression Level


BodylineUK Post Cosmetic surgery supplier selling Compression garments  and Accessories

These garments are ideal for people new to using control garments, or sometimes they are recommended by aesthetic surgeons for the first few days after surgery. They cover, shape and mould your figure in a soft, discreet and subtle way.

BodylineUK Post Cosmetic surgery supplier selling Compression garments

These garments are specially designed to exert a moderate compression on your figure and mould specific areas of the body. They provide greater adjustment than low-compression garments and are perfect for people who love to look good, but do not tolerate or need a greater compression.

BodylineUK high Compression Post Cosmetic surgery garments  and Accessories

These garments are ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a stylised figure. They provide greater pressure to enhance, define and shape curves, thanks to the composition and properties of their defined inputs and designs.




For more information about any of our compression garments, contact BodylineUk today!

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