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We’re the only company in the UK selling authentic, high quality, Colombian manufactured compression garments. Experienced, international, plastic surgeons have recommended our brand’s post-surgical garments for postoperative patients in the United States, Canada, throughout the Americas and now in the UK and Europe with the launch of BodylineUk. So, if you’re planning cosmetic surgery, or have recently undergone a procedure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

We also provide post-partum garments and everyday garments for men and women, which can be used in the gym to burn extra fat, or simply worn underneath clothes to enhance your silhouette. So, if you are conscious of your appearance and physical health, why not get in touch today to find out which BodylineUk products are right for you? We have lipo foam, ab boards, fajas and more!






Our Values


Our garments are built with your comfort and wellbeing in mind. We understand that the decision to change your appearance through cosmetic surgery can be very overwhelming. So, let us ensure your recovery is as stress-free as possible with our post-surgical compression garments.

Our garments provide support to relieve post-operative discomfort, promote the rapid healing of underlying tissues, reduce swelling and alleviate complications such as haematomas, seromas and fibrosis. Get in touch with BodylineUk to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable and speedy recovery.



We carefully select the brands we partner with, after considering the quality of their products and feedback from customers. The brands we work with use high quality fabrics, such as Powernet, cotton Lycra, nylon Lycra, silicone, lace and polyurethane. Alongside the implementation of vitamin E microcapsules and fibre, these high-quality materials help to create adaptable, durable and comfortable compression garments.



We are here to support your body’s transformation. So, if you have any questions or concerns, we will always be happy to offer you advice in relation to any cosmetic surgeries or compression garments.


Social Responsibility

We have an organisational model focused on environmental improvement, with the aim of making a positive social impact with our company.




Why Should I Wear A Post-Operative Compression Garment or Bra After My Surgery?

In addition to skin incisions that usually result in discreet scars, cosmetic surgery typically results in damage to tissues that are hidden under the skin. Many surgical procedures often involve severing, or removing, connective tissue and delicate blood and lymph vessels. This damage can be small-scale or widespread, depending on the type of surgery, and it can take weeks or months for your body to fully recover from the trauma.

Plastic surgeons agree that one of the fundamental aspects of patient recovery from cosmetic surgery, is the selection and appropriate use of a well-fitted, high compression garment or post-surgery bra. These specially-designed garments and accessories provide compression throughout the recovery phase. Their function is to ease post-operative complications such as fluid build-up, haematomas and seromas (in addition to the appropriate medical care). Post-surgery garments can also benefit appearance, as they help to promote and guide skin retraction and connective tissue formation, while reducing the risk of unsightly folds and creases. Moreover, patients often find that high quality compression garments and surgical bras help to relieve pain, particularly during the first week or so after the operation, as swelling is suppressed.

Medical-grade compression garments have many important functions:

  • To provide sustained pressure and support to aid recovery;
  • To promote effective blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the affected area;
  • To improve body contouring and skin retraction (i.e. minimise sagging);
  • To improve comfort, control pain, reduce swelling.


Why Should I Purchase A Compression Garment or Bra from BodylineUk?

At BodylineUk we are fully dedicated to supplying the highest quality, specialised, compression garments and post-surgery bras. We decide which compression garments we sell, based on what we think will provide you with the smoothest and most comfortable recovery after your surgery. So, we ensure that the brands we sell are of a superior standard. All garments stretch and flex with your movements like a second skin, facilitating maximum comfort during normal activity. They are also designed with specialised features, such as front or side-mounted fastenings and hook-and-eye closures to make it easier to put them on and take them off comfortably. These features also have the benefit of being adjustable, to account for fluctuations in size due to swelling and contraction. As you recover, you can tighten the garment further to provide the level of compression you require. In addition, all garments have flat seams to minimise skin irritation and an open crotch or thong closure, to make visits to the bathroom a lot easier.

Your satisfaction as a customer is of the utmost importance to us. Our aim is to enable you to achieve a rapid and smooth post-operative recovery, by providing you with high quality compression garments and accessories with an efficient and effective service.


What Type of Post-operative Garment Should I Buy?

We offer a wide variety of compression garments and post-operative bras each designed for specific needs. It is very important to choose the right type of garment, and your surgeon should be able to provide guidance on the most appropriate product to suit your requirements. In addition, we will also be happy to offer advice on the most suitable products within our extensive range, while drawing on our experience of working alongside plastic surgeons in the UK.


I Have Sensitive Skin/Allergies. Are Your Garments Hypoallergenic?

This is an understandable concern since compression garments should be worn continuously for several weeks. However, all garments and bras are completely free of potential allergens such as formaldehyde. In addition, they are designed with flat seams, wide shoulder strap covers and no underwiring or metals stays, for minimal skin irritation. The fabrics are soft and smooth, with microfibre to reduce friction, and they are breathable.

We recommend that garments are washed using non-biological detergent, particularly for people with sensitive skin.


How Important Is the Fit of The Garment?

The fit of your garment is very important as it will determine the degree of support and compression it provides. A poorly fitting compression garment, that is either too loose, too tight or that has a highly uneven distribution of pressure, can result in unnecessary discomfort and potentially have a negative impact on the overall outcome of the procedure. Therefore, it is recommended that you measure yourself according to the instructions provided in our sizing guide before ordering a garment. If you are unsure of your size or you would like some advice on choosing garments or bras to suit your specific requirements, then please contact our friendly BodylineUk team.


What If I Can’t Find My Measurements in The Sizing Chart?

If you find that your size does not appear to be within the range of sizes available on our website, then please contact us and we will gladly help you with choosing the size.


What’s the Difference Between 1st And 2nd Stage Garments?

The terms ‘first stage’ and ‘second stage’ for compression garments relate to the phase of recovery that they are worn. First stage garments have medium control due to immediately coming out of surgery.

Within the first 3-5 days you should begin wearing your ‘second stage’ garment. These garments have stronger compression and most are double-reinforced for extra support. They also have features such as an adjustable front-mounted hook, eye fastenings and an open crotch, for added convenience and comfort.

Usually around three to four months after surgery it is possible to switch to less intensive garments with medium to low compression known as ‘shapewear.’ These usually pull-on, without any fastenings, and they tend to be more discreet under clothing. This tends to make them more comfortable for patients to wear continuously, which patients often do, because they appreciate the additional support these garments provide.


How Long Should I Wear My Garment For?

We will always recommend that you discuss post-operative recovery and the duration of wearing all garments with your surgeon in the first instance. The recommendation of your surgeon will depend on the type of procedure that you have had, the expected rate of recovery and any complications arising from the surgery.

For maximum results we advise that you wear your ‘second stage’ high compression garment during the first three months post operation.

We recommend you speak to your surgeon with regards to post-operative bras, as each surgeon is able to guide you appropriately with regard to your breast augmentation recovery. Compression regimes may range from as little as two weeks, to as long as three months.


How Soon Will I Receive My Garment?

This will depend on the delivery method that is selected when ordering.

Orders placed before 3pm (Monday to Friday) should arrive within 1-3 days by First Class Delivery (Free Standard Delivery, mainland U.K. only). We also offer Next Day Delivery service before 1pm (£5.99). However, we recommend that you place your order at least seven days before your operation.

For deliveries to non-UK addresses please allow 5 to 7 working days. EU deliveries are charged at £18.90 flat rate.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent upon dispatch. With U.K. orders you can also request to have your order delivered direct to the UK clinic/hospital of your choice, so that when you arrive for your operation it is available for you. Please note that some clinics/hospitals may not accept delivery of your garments unless you have made prior arrangements with the clinic/consultant. Please check with the clinic/hospital before stating the delivery address.


What are the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Liposuction? 

The primary purpose of MLD is to significantly reduce swelling. Encouraging drainage of the lymphatic fluid will improve your appearance and help speed up the recovery process. Toxins are also moved away from the location of the surgery, along with the stagnant fluid.

Lymphatic drainage massage can also help speed up the bruising, since the blood that has pooled in the area will be cleared along with the lymphatic fluid. 

We highly recommend that you use a specially trained therapist for this technique. To find out more please visit the Treatwell website:



What Is Your Exchange/Returns Policy?

All garments, shorts, bra, lipo foam sales are final. Due to the intimate nature we are unable to accept returns.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase of any ab boards for any reason, you may return your item for an exchange or full refund within 5 days of receipt provided you return the item to us in its original condition and packaging, unworn and unwashed with tags intact.

All items for exchange or refund must be returned in secure packaging to reduce the risk of damage during transit. It is recommended that a traceable and insured means of shipping is used (e.g. Royal Mail Recorded or Special Delivery). Please note that BodylineUk will not be held responsible for items that are damaged or lost during return shipping.

Refunds will cover the purchase cost of returned goods only and not the cost of delivery unless the item is deemed to be faulty. (Please note all items are thoroughly checked prior to dispatch).

Please note that this exchange and returns policy does not apply to Curvas 360 Lipo Foam which are non-refundable.


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If you have any questions or comments regarding our products or the service you have received, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at BodylineUK today!

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